Sunday, 28 July 2013


The sordid in your soul so rare,
That only you can see,
The sordid in my soul so rare,
But naebody writes like me.

But naebody can write like me,
Naebody can write like me,
Come ane,
Come aw,
Come an see,
Cos naebody can write like me.

Ye high-class plume,
You must assume,
Eh'm whaur Eh waant tae be,
But Eh've only just stepped in the room,
An there's naebody here but me.

Come wi yer femily,
Stoap an stare,
View the freak that spells out free,
Catch what it's like,
Tae hae nae fears,
When naebody writes like me.

The sordid in your soul so rare...
Nae manners an nae artifice -
Nae manners an nae fuckin artifice -
But naebody writes like me,
Naebody writes like me.

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